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Save energy & money

Reduce heating bills and feel warmer by spreading heated air more evenly and efficiently



A truly revolutionary, patented product

The all new Radiator Booster Turbo Logic draws heat from behind a radiator and disperses the warm air more evenly and efficiently around the room. 

Now in restyled curved rigid plastic construction with thermostatic control and with an airflow increased by 2.5 times, this is the most effective Radiator Booster ever. It's also the most quiet, too.

Which? magazine confirms that Radiator Booster heats up a room more quickly and reduces energy consumption (April 2011 test report). 

Save an average of £140 per year

Independent research shows the Radiator Booster reduces heating bills by improving the efficiency of warm air circulation.


Just Some of the benefits

Get more efficient warm air circulation

Radiator Booster uses inbuilt fans to push warm air where you need it, not up towards the ceiling. This results in a more efficient use of air convections. 

Feel an increase in temperature

You will feel an increase in temperature of 2-3 degrees due to the circulation of warm air, meaning you can reduce your thermostat setting.

Save money on heating bills

With installation in just minutes, you'll be saving money immediately. The Radiator Booster costs just £0.30 in electricity to run . 

Thousands of happy customers

I really noticed the increase in temperature in my home after installing Radiator Booster.

J. Sharp

I'm over the moon with this product. It certainly made winter easier to cope with. Would recommend!

D. Challenor

Great little product. Well worth the money for the savings. 

J. McDiarmud

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