RadiatorBooster ®

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The fantastic all-new RadiatorBooster® uses a fan to draw heat from behind your radiator and disperse warm air more evenly and efficiently around your room.

Save an average of £70 - £140 per year by simply placing the brilliantly subtle device on top of your radiator and plugging it in. 

Key features

  • Warms rooms more quickly & efficiently
  • Allows central heating reduction of 1–3°C
  • 2.5× more air flow than previous model
  • Intelligent LED status indicator
  • Automatic on/off (radiator surface temp)
  • Costs just £0.30 per annum to run
  • £70 - £140 average annual saving
  • Quiet fan operation

Add our 3m extension cable to ensure you reach your power source easily. 

Our handy USB adapter allows you to connect RadiatorBooster® to your portable power bank. Perfect if your radiator isn't located near a power socket. 

Which? magazine confirms that RadiatorBooster® heats up a room more quickly and reduces energy consumption (2011 test report).

Join thousands of happy customers who are benefiting from warmer rooms and lower bills with this fantastic energy-efficient item. 

Dimensions: 58cm (L), 9cm (H), 7.5cm (W)
Weight: 240 grams
Material : Recyclable ABS plastic
Mains power adapter: 100 - 240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Mains cable length: 1.9 M (extensions available)
Mains consumption standby: 0.15W
Mains consumption active: 1.25W
Thermostat activation point: 30 degrees Celsius