Our Product

A typical central-heating boiler will use around 15 kilowatts of energy every hour (some as much as 30 kilowatts).

The UNIQUE fan arrangement within Radiator BOOster® enables your room to heat-up much faster, and your boiler to shut-off much sooner. Every hour your boiler is not having to cropped to work will save you 15 kilowatts of energy. You could find the savings more than this, maybe as much as 7 hours/week (100 kilowatts) during the colder months!

As your radiator gets hot, the 'rear' surface normally radiates heat onto the wall behind. This heat is then often lost through the wall structure due to conduction. The Radiator BOOster® will suck much of the heat from the rear of your radiator and direct it sideways into your room, saving you even more energy.

Centrally heated rooms can often be very warm around head-height, yet cold at floor level. This is caused by stratification where warm air rising from a radiator creates warm bands of air, especially above waist height; the warm air being lighter never reaches the floor. The second and most startling feature of Radiator BOOster® is that it directs the heated air sideways rather than upwards, creating a stirring effect in the room, mixing the air more effectively and reducing those cold spots.

The RB3-COmpact™ can either sit along the top/back edge of your radiator as shown above, as close to the wall as possible, or in some cases it will drop down a little behind the radiator, resting on convection fins or the radiator mounting brackets. In either case it will work well, and save you energy.

According to the leading UK energy providers, if you were able to turn down your room thermostat by just 1°C, it would save the average home £49/year, or 10% off your heating bills/year. You’ll be surprised how far down you can go using Radiator BOOster® in each main room.

The beauty of Radiator BOOster® is that when the colder weather arrives, you simply plug it in and forget it. The device is thermostatically controlled, switching on the Fan Assembly as your radiator starts to warm, and then off again as it cools. Because it is only working when your radiator is hot, the energy consumption should be no more than 1p (1¢) per week!

The materials, processes and packaging used to produce Radiator BOOster® have been kept to an absolute minimum and 99% can be recycled, all minimising the impact on Earth's Eco-System and resources! The main plastic mouldings are made from ‘Single Polymer’ Polypropylene, one of the easiest plastics to recycle.

It is anticipated that Radiator BOOster® will probably become the greatest energy saving product to date! No mean feat for such a simple idea and principle. And now you could be one of the first to benefit from using this innovative device.

Savings will vary considerably from home to home due to differing heating requirements, outside temperatures, building insulation, room temperatures preferred, heating boiler age and efficiences, room sizes, and so on. Any figures and suggested savings quoted are for guidance purposes only, however we are confident that in most standard cases, all these savings are achievable when using Radiator BOOster ® throughout your home/building.